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Build a beautiful, user-friendly  website that gets results. Ranked 5/5 stars on various review platforms, Mendel Sites will deliver you a great website that will be one of the strongest marketing tools for your Brampton business! 

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Offering the top Brampton web design, I build websites for all sorts of clients. I understand each client needs something unique built specifically for their Brampton business.

We’ll work together to build you a website that will drive traffic to your site and increase sales for your business!

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Not only do I provide Brampton web design, I provide you with everything you need to ensure your website is built for success and can achieve the specific results you’re aiming for!

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As the #1 Brampton web designer, Mendel Sites works locally with clients in Brampton. Clients will get a website built specifically for their needs and goals. Rather than just focusing on the design of your website (which is important), we will first work together to figure out what goals and results you are looking to achieve with your new website. Then, we will figure out the top solution to build a custom WordPress website for you that will serve as a tool for your Bramtpon business to help you achieve those outcomes! Reach out here to setup a discovery call, discuss your Brampton web design project and get a quote.

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Customized Approach

I approach each project differently to meet the specific needs and goals of the client. Whether you want to be very involved in writing content and the website design, or would prefer to take a step back and allow me to take more of a lead, it’s totally up to you! Each website will be designed specifically for the look and feel you desire for your business. It will also be structured in alignment with the goals you are trying to achieve for your business with this new website. You will be kept in the loop and updated constantly throughout the whole website building process with direct communication the designer & developer of your website – me! Reach out here to setup a discovery call, discuss your  web design project and start building one of the top websites in Brampton!

Brampton Web design Portfolio

Don't just take my word for it, take a look at some of my Brampton web design & development projects and see for yourself if you think I might be a good fit

Brampton Web Design Portfolio

Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at some of my Brampton web design & development projects and see for yourself if you think I might be a good fit

Client Reviews

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Cassandra Morrison

Counselling Services

Sam’s website design services were an extremely pivotal part in my journey starting a private practice. Building a website on my own was just not in my skill set and he did an absolutely fantastic job. I’m so pleased with the results, he took everything I wanted functionality wise and let me be a part of the design process, even down to picking my font colours.


Not only was Sam affordable and time efficient, he took the time to explain much of the backend process of my website by making me helpful tutorial videos. Sam knew exactly what I was looking for after only a short intro call and delivered a beautiful, cost-efficient website. Highly recommend!

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Jess Phillips


Frequentely asked questions

What sets Mendel Sites apart as the #1 Brampton web design company is that I ensure your website is set up with everything you need for your website to be successful and to see real results. This of course involves getting the top web design & development customized to your specific needs. In addition, I’ve listed out everything you’ll get with my Brampton web design services below:

My Brampton web design process with each client begins a with a discovery call (usually around 20-30minutes) to understand exactly what they need and want. This involves discussing both the results you are hoping to achieve with your website  as well as the specific scope of the website you have in mind. We will then discuss some ideas about how to best approach this project to help you best achieve your goals for your Brampton business. I will then follow up after the call with a proposal or we will set up a follow up Zoom call to go over the proposal and the best way to approach this project.

Once a client confirms with my services, we will schedule a Web Design Zoom Kickoff Call. On this call we go through a shared  website content Google Drive folder to collect all the images, ideas, and content for the website.

Once the website content folder and documents are completed. I will then build the first website draft (usually just the home page). Once that is approved, I will build out the remaining pages for desktop browser. Once that draft is approved, I will optimize the websites pages for all devices (desktop, tablet, & mobile). Throughout the entire website building process, I provide unlimited revisions until the client is 100% satisfied.

Once the website drafts are fully approved, I will finish setting up the backend of the website and then launch it directly on the client’s server. I will then provide them with everything they need to know about the website including access details as well as provide them with their WordPress training

Finally, if they have elected to opt-in to the WordPress Maintenance plan, we will get started with that once the website is live as well.

Reach out here to setup a discovery call, discuss your Brampton web design project and get a quote.

My Brampton web design & development fee is custom. It depends on the scope of your project and the value you are trying to create with your website. Reach out here to setup a discovery call, discuss your Brampton website design project and get a quote.

No, while I offer local Brampton web design, I work with clients all over the world. I also work with a lot of local clients in the following regions as well – Toronto, Vaughan, Kitchener, Mississauga, Hamilton, and London